Wachau Valley Winery

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After returning to the ship (finally docked in Melk) around mid-day, we set off again towards Krems through “the Wachau” (another UNESCO World Heritage site).  Reputed to be a lovely stretch of the River Danube, it was cool and rainy so I don’t have too many photos of the medieval villages and ruined castles in the hills. I popped out occasionally to the open deck at the bow but I’m afraid shivers make me shake the camera, so I have deleted most 😉

The winery in the Wachau Valley was the one “optional tour” that we took (i.e. paid extra for) and we were very pleased we did.  The winery is a cooperative for the multiple small growers throughout the valley and, although they produce just 3% of Austrian wine, it is reputed to be amongst the best in Central Europe.  As we toured the cellars and saw the various production tanks and barrels, we were treated to 5 tastings in all and we were pleasantly surprised at each – all were dry and very good.  We were also treated to an excellent 4-D movie which highlighted the region, its terroir, the viticulture and processing. The 3-D photography was beautiful and it was enhanced by the smells of the apple blossoms, the earth, the grapes, the musk, and finally the wines themselves.

Sadly, I doubt we can get any of their wines in BC. But – I will definitely check for that Riesling!


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