Koblenz & Marksburg

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We arrived in Koblenz an hour or so before our tour was planned to take off for the Marksburg castle so Tony and I had time to stroll around the town. It was very quiet, shops were just beginning to open, and it felt like we had the downtown area to ourselves. We wandered around the square next to the Rathaus (City Hall) and there was a cute little fountain called the Schangelbrunnen.evidently the “little rascal” was created in 1940 and is a symbol of Koblenz. Conquered often over the centuries, many children were fathered by the invading troops and the term “Schangel” was an insult implying illegitimacy, although later became an affectionate term for local children. The mischievous boy (Schangel) on the fountain spits out water every once in awhile.

We then jumped on a bus to go to the Marksburg Castle above nearby Braubach. Built in 1117, this castle is the Only one of the 40 castles between Bingen am Rein and Koblenz that was never destroyed although it was fired upon in 1945 from the other side of the Rhine. In 1931 it became the head office of the German Castle Association.

The guided tour throughout the fortress was extensive and gave us a fascinating view into the lives of the various inhabitants over the ages.

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