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Lima (Feb. 6-7)

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Arriving in Lima mid afternoon, we drove directly to the hotel (overlooking the ocean in Miraflores) and then hopped in a taxi to the Larco Museum. This lived up to its reviews – not only an extensive and beautifully displayed collection of artifacts from the various civilizations that inhabited Peru, but a lovely environment as well. The artifacts on display were amazingly “perfect”, although an employee assured me that most had undergone extensive restoration by their skilled staff. The explanatory cards were very well done in four languages.

A surprise before we left was a separate building that houses a gallery of erotic pottery. It’s amazing what those early Peruvians got up to – and enshrined in their artwork (some made as gifts to the gods – must give them a little thrill as well) 😉

We really didn’t see much more of Lima than we saw from the taxi between the hotel and the museum (through the relatively affluent area of Miraflores and San Isidro) and from the airport and to the port (where we saw the very sad result of 50% unemployment). The whole of the sea front has been reclaimed and there is an extensive project ongoing to provide parks, sports areas and public beaches for all.

The view from our hotel included an amazing number of paragliders who jumped off a hill nearby and swooped and swayed around the ocean front buildings. If I was 40 years younger…..!