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That afternoon we ventured by taxi into Austria (just across the river Inn) to the quaint little town of Scharding. It was the destination of a Viking optional tour by boat but, agreeing that we really didn’t want to pay to go on another boat, Donna and Norm suggested we share a taxi to the town.

The driver was also a good guide, explaining how Germans from Passau and area would often go into Austria just so that they could smoke while they drank and….even use their phone while they drove (both barred in Germany)! He drove a more picturesque route into Scharding (checking out a park with a centuries old well and rather cute sandbox) and then took the highway back.

We walked around the pastel-coloured buildings in Scharding, checked out the stocks in the town square, then wandered into a pub (took photos only) and a great home décor shop that had a special Christmas display in their basement caves.

Once back in Passau, we just had to check out another pastry shop before returning to the ship 🙂

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