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This beautiful Bavarian town with half-timbered houses and red sandstone buildings dates back to Roman times. We loved ambling through the cobblestone streets and crooked lanes. Hotel Zum Riesen is reputed to be one of the oldest in Germany, built in the Renaissance and opened as a hotel in 1411.

Mildenburg, the castle overlooking the town, has ruins dating from the Middle Ages but, within the walls are buildings from the 18th century that have been restored and now house a large collection of modern art. The grounds are dotted with modern sculptures and the one remaining tower has been refurbished with stairs up to the top and magnificent views over the town and the River Main. Tony and I really enjoyed wandering through the gallery and grounds as well as the climb up the tower to gaze from the top.

When we came back down the hill we happened upon the most magnificent wine shop I’ve ever seen.  It was like a cave built into the hill, full of a huge variety of wines (all German) in bottles and barrels.  We had to ring the bell to bring the proprietor indoors (he was shovelling old bricks at the side of the shop) and he looked offended when I asked him which of the wines were dry (considering our experience with German wines in Canada).  “They all are”, of course!  We chose a white and we’re pleasantly surprised at how good it was.

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