Thanksgiving (Oct.10)

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We couldn’t let our Thanksgiving go unnoticed, so Tony and I approached the ship’s Program Director early on in the trip to see if we could have some sort of gathering. The response was lukewarm but she suggested the concierge could possibly send something (we wrote) out to all Canadians.  We drafted a notice to meet in the lounge a few nights hence and it, supposedly, went to all cabins of Canadians.  About 7 couples showed up and we discussed asking for a turkey meal (although we were not optimistic) and, at the very least sitting together in the dining room Monday the 10th.  Over the next few days the word had gotten out and we found more Canadians, some of whom had not received the first notice.  All in all we had a list of 34 people even though the ship had only 26 on their roster.

During the week before we found various little things like gourds of different shapes and colours and wooden leaves resembling maple leaves to adorn the tables. We found  red cardboard from which Tony cut out many more maple leaves and I even found a little wooden moose to use as a prize for a quiz.  In Nuremberg we were delighted to find a store that sold flags, team scarves, etc.  A Canadian flag was procured!

That evening the ship’s crew surprised us with a cocktail party in the lounge before dinner and they had also decorated the tables with red and white napkins for the occasion.  Turkey was not on the menu (we enjoyed the same menu planned for all) but that didn’t dampen the spirit. Tony and I had enjoyed putting together a Canadian quiz earlier that day and, although many had met each other prior to the dinner, it really added some merriment to the evening.  Not only was it a Canadian holiday – but Oct 10th was also the birthday of two of our group.

All in all, a very memorable Thanksgiving!

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