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A former Portuguese enclave (they wrested control from the Muslims in the 1500s), Goa has a number of similarities to Macau. While India kicked the Portuguese out in 1961, it retains many vestiges of Jesuit life. We were here in 2010 and saw then the magnificent churches of old Goa.

This time we picked up a taxi at the port and took off to the area called Panaji, about 25 km away. The taxi ride was, itself, interesting. How the cabs do not get into multiple crashes is due to their amazing driving skills. There were many near misses but never a tickle! The city is not my favourite – it’s dirty, busy, and just not too exciting but we did still enjoyed wandering the streets (punctuated with mostly rundown old Portuguese style buildings) and stopped into the same little local restaurant, George, to quench our thirst and have a snack. We also checked out some Indian clothing in order to attend a costume party onboard (one picture of us making fools of ourselves included).








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